2.0 Smooth Body 7100 series

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7100s have one of the best dollar to fun ratios out of any damper on the market. There isn't another option that has uniballs on either end, 3 stage seals, are completely owner rebuildable and this affordable. These are a universal shocks and do not have application specific mounts. 7100s are a good upgrade for the 5100s most leaf spring solid axle trucks use, or for the rear of a truck. They are offered in standard lengths or with a short body (Short Body option for reservoir shocks only, add "short body" to order notes). You can get them in the following valving: 360/80, 275/78, 255/70, 180/75, 170/60, 150/50, or a custom setup (like 410/120).

Compressed/Extended length specs below.

When the company that builds shocks for Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Tesla builds an off-road suspension piece, you know you're in for something special. Not to mention the fact that they INVENTED the modern shock absorber and have only improved it time and again since they first created it. What we offer today is unrecognizable to the first monotube, gas pressure shock absorber that rolled off the line on a Mercedez in 1957, but one thing hasn't changed since then... the dedication to quality above all else that you would expect from a company building original equipment shocks for the worlds finest sports cars.

These shocks use a 46mm monotube design, each unit is fitted with self-adjusting deflective disc valving and a high flow piston. You can order them with reservoir or without, optional short body for extra small compressed length, and with custom valving profiles to fit your ride, although custom builds take several weeks. E-mail us with any questions about your order at wheeleveryweekend@gmail.com.