3.1 Amp Dash Mount USB Charger

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Designed to allow USB charging on any of our current and future dash mounts.

Easy installation by mounting it to the dash mount exactly how you would a diamond base, routing the harness down the dash and squeezing two wire taps onto your 12v socket wires. Due to the wide range of vehicle applications, please check for proper positive/negative wires before installation. 

 Two low light White LED lights

Removable dust cover

Each kit includes the following

    • ICS 3.1 amp dual usb charger with dust cover
    • Two 3/4" 8-32 Steel Pan Head Screws
    • Two 8-32 nylon lock nuts
    • 18 AWG Positive/Negative wire Harness
    • Two Tap to wire Insulation-Piercing wire taps
    • Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects and workmanship