RTT Security Mounts

RTT Security Mounts

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  • (4) CNC Billet Aluminum mounting brackets
  • (8) Proprietary tamper-resistant security nuts
  • (8) Class 10.9 Bolts
  • (1) Security Nut socket now with wrench flats for low profile installation.
  • (8) 8mm External tooth lock washers


Stop worrying about someone stealing your tent or having it fly off when you're on the trail!

Let's be totally honest here, security nuts alone just don't cut it... with a cheap set of pliers you can spin them right off if the base of them isn't shielded. Right now your expensive tent is haphazardly attached to your rig with 8 cheap no-grade 13mm nuts, and a small strap of who knows what quality flat bar. Your stock mount is easily cut or bent and the junky overseas Nylock nuts come loose with vibration (like off-road driving). Anyone can quickly unbolt or quietly cut just 4 bolts, throw it in their truck, and drive off with it in under 60 seconds (like in the video below)... unless it vibrates loose and falls off first. These mounts let you leave your tent on your rig without worrying about leaving it unattended or watching it fly off on the trail.

Our patented mount system fixes all the problems with your stock setup. It's made right here in Southern California using USA made materials and conforms to the shape of your specific tent rack. It protects our proprietary tri-groove security fasteners from being spun off by pliers and shields the bolt from bolt cutters, something no other mount system available accomplishes. We use class 10.9 hardware and external tooth lock washers to keep your security nuts tight no matter the trail. If you put a wheel lock on your wheels, lock your rig's doors, lock your house, lock your toolbox, why wouldn't you lock up your home away from home that's even easier to steal. Don't buy your tent back from some shady guy on craigslist, lock it up!

Proudly made in the USA by off-road/camping enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

~Patent Pending~


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