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RTT Security Mounts

RTT Security Mounts

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What's included in the kit:

  • (4) Billet Aluminum mounts with mil-spec black anodized coating
  • (8) Proprietary keyed nuts
  • (8) Class 10.9 8x1.25mm Bolts
  • (1) Proprietary security key for easy install/removal

Product Description:

Load bar measurements are all in the sizing guide/FAQ.

The proprietary security hardware is exclusive to our kits.

Are you an easy target while out on your adventures?

Mass produced security nuts are easier to remove than the stock nylocks if you can grab at the base of them with a cheap set of pliers. I'm guessing right now your expensive tent is haphazardly attached to your rig. Your stock bolts are easily and discreetly snipped off by bolt cutters without even setting off the car alarm, and the flat strap plates get bent and broken during wheeling. Somehow the poor quality overseas Nylock nuts come loose with vibration while also "galling" on install if you're not careful. Anyone can quickly steal your tent, throw it in their truck, and drive off with it in under 60 seconds (demonstrated in the video below), unless it vibrates loose and falls off first that is. Our mounts let you leave your tent on your rig and have some peace of mind when leaving it unattended, and you won't have to watch it fly off on the trail.

Our patented mount system fixes the problems with your stock setup. It protects the proprietary locking fasteners from being tampered with by pliers and shields the shank of the bolt from bolt cutters. We include class 10.9 bolts which are rated to hold almost 1,000X the weight of your tent. The security nuts are keyed to our specifications then milled down and drilled out for low profile installations, you can't buy these locking fasteners anywhere else, period. They also feature proprietary "raptor claws" integrated into the base of the security nuts, which are an upgrade over locking washers and work fantastic with the aluminum mounts.

If you put locks on your wheels, lock your doors, locked your house today, unlocked your phone to read this, you should lock up your tent thats even easier to steal.

Proudly made right here in Southern California by off-road/camping enthusiasts using 100% USA sourced materials, no fine print or deceptive marketing talk.

If you need help with install, our install video is here: Install Video


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