Bilstein Coilover 8125

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Why choose Bilstein Coilovers?

These are the coilovers we use on everything, from our own personal rigs to high-dollar customer builds. They are built right here, down the road from our shop in San Diego by a dedicated group of off-road enthusiasts. Bilstein uses the largest body possible in this category and their oversized 2.6" reservoir helps provide an astounding resistance to heat and shock fade. There isn't a 2.5" coilover on the market that can hold as much synthetic high temp oil as the 8125s when compared side by side. The more oil the cooler your shocks run and the better your ride. The valving profile and build quality is superb, which is what you would expect from the company that invented the modern shock absorber over 60 years ago. The time/money Bilstein doesn't spend on advertising, flashy colors, or cool hats, they do spend on research, design, and engineering. We believe in what we sell and we support what we sell, if you need rebuild kits, eyelets, replacement parts, shock oil etc. we have it in stock and ready to ship! Best of all, the look you get from long travel trucks while you pass them in the whoops is priceless.

When the company that builds shocks for Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Tesla builds an off-road suspension piece, you know you're in for something special. Not to mention the fact that they INVENTED the modern shock absorber and have only improved it time and again since they first created it. What we offer today is unrecognizable to the first monotube, gas pressure shock absorber that rolled off the line on a Mercedez in 1957 but one thing hasn't changed since then... the dedication to quality above all else that you would expect from a company building original equipment dampers for sports cars.

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8125 Complete Manual