Likes Before Lockers Sticker

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Social Media is our lifestyles best friend and worst enemy. Who doesn't follow at least 1 social media "celebrity" who doesn't care about our trails because they'll be onto the next fad by the time they're all shut down? These stickers aren't about the people paying their dues and building it up from the bottom, you know who they're about.

100% of the profits from these go to CORVA and help fund their fight to keep our public lands open to the public for years to come! Our sticker sales have helped raise almost 1,000.00 for CORVA and we have not made a dime from them, thank you for ordering and helping us support something so dear to our heart.


Shopify can't figure out how stickers cost a dollar to mail but a 5 pound package going to canada could cost more, so if your shipping address is different than your billing address and it doesn't make you fill that out make sure you add it in your order comments since we are covering shipping cost, thank you!