Reid Racing Super Kingpin Knuckle Assembly
Reid Racing Super Kingpin Knuckle Assembly
Reid Racing Super Kingpin Knuckle Assembly

Reid Racing Super Kingpin Knuckle Assembly

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Reid Racing's patent-pending "Super Kingpin" knuckle assembly combines the best features of the familiar Kingpin Dana 60/70 and the 2005+ SuperDuty Dana 60 unitbearing knuckles for a unique oversized assembly that provides the next level of axle strength and durability.

Reid Racing's "Super Kingpin" knuckles and matching Inner "C"s are designed for applications that require maximum strength. The larger assembly allows fitment of 1480, 1550, and Rockwell 2.5-ton U-joints or CV-joints.


  • Dana 60/70 upper and lower kingpins are used for the utmost in strength when assembled with Reid Racing's Bronze Upper Kingpin Bushings.
  • Oversized "C"s provide clearance for 1480, 1550, Rockwell, and CV-style axle joints.
  • Kingpins spread out an additional 1.5 inches for greater load carrying capacity.
  • Uses OEM 2005-present Ford SuperDuty unit bearings, lockout hubs, stub shafts, U-joints, and 2005-2012 calipers & rotors.
  • Aftermarket upgraded parts for SuperDuty applications should be fully compatible, including spindle/hub assemblies, lightweight brakes, unitbearings, and stub shafts.
  • Inner axle shaft sizes limited only by axle tube diameter and differential sidegears.
  • Outer stub shafts can be oversized to directly engage the unitbearing's 2.5" hub splines when the lockout components are removed.
  • Flat-top pad machined for 6 ARP highsteer studs allows for aftermarket steering arms that provide a wide range of steering options.
  • Antilock Brakes, Traction Control, Vacuum Hubs, and Electronic Stability Control systems can be retained for street-driven vehicles.
  • 10 degree kingpin inclination, Ackerman angle optimized for 120-135 inch wheelbase.
  • Knuckles cast from high-strength ductile iron and beefed up with extra material and ribbing.
  • "C"s forged from steel and heat treated for maximized strength. Available in the most common axle tube diameters.
  • Cast-in steering arms tapered from the top down for standard "1-ton" tie rod ends; extra-wide arms allow the tie rod holes to be drilled out for oversized bolts, heim joints, etc. Extended arms allow a straight tie rod to clear most differential covers.
  • Dual cast-in steering stops.
  • Powdercoated in Reid Racing's signature orange.


  • $30.00 Handling cost per-knuckle.
  • Knuckles sold individually or as a pair.
  • Inner-C's sold Individually or as a pair.
  • Left and Right knuckles purchased as a pair require 2 Inner-C's

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