Solid Axle Industries D44 Balljoint Outer Knuckles

Solid Axle Industries D44 Balljoint Outer Knuckles

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D44 Balljoint Outer Knuckles (Chevy/Dodge/Jeep)

  • Cast from high strength nodular iron
  • Design includes increased webbing and thickness for strength
  • Machined integral keyway works with Solid Axle Industries' high steer arm to handle the high shear loads seen with high performance steering systems
  • Designed to work with all late model balljoint inner knuckles and similarly designed aftermarket inner knuckles
  • Features built in brake bosses for use with dual piston calipers or our brake brackets for single piston setups
  • Heavy Duty
  • Allows the conversion of unit bearing axles to live spindle applications
  • High steer provisions

Kit Includes:

  • Knuckles
  • Spindle Studs
  • Lock Nuts

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