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Trail-Gear Hydro Assist Ram (2.25” Bore)

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Trail-Gear's heavy-duty single-ended rams are designed for off-road racing and the competitive rock crawler. Trail-Gear's rams have a larger 1-1/8” [29mm] diameter 4340 chromoly steel rod that is more resistant to bending under heavy steering loads. The one-piece rod is chrome-plated and polished. The larger 2-1/4” [57mm] piston provides 6,560 lbs. of extension force and 4,920 lbs. of retraction force at 1650 psi - 26% more extension force than our standard 2” bore Hydro Assist single-ended ram. Ram features a high-temperature polyurethane piston seal for a longer life.

Available in strokes of 6” [152mm] & 8” [203mm].

NOTE: Hardware not included. For rod ends, recommend using 3/4" rod ends & 3/4" jam nuts.

CAUTION: These rams are for use with hydraulic or power steering fluid only. The use of Automatic Transmission Fluid or semi-synthetic blends will void the warranty.