Trail-Gear Tacoma Rock Assault™ Power Steering Kit - Wheel Every Weekend

Trail-Gear Tacoma Rock Assault™ Power Steering Kit

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After you have completed the solid axle swap on your 95-04 Tacoma, you will need to upgrade your power steering pump so that you can turn those big tires on the trail. The stock pump works well enough for the stock IFS and stock tires, but once you put on larger tires the pump will not be able to put out enough volume to turn them fast enough, especially if you have a ram assist system installed.

Trail-Gear has developed power steering upgrade kits for the 2.7L and the 3.4L Tacoma that include all the brackets, hoses, and hardware that you will need to do the install right the first time. Each kit includes an all steel TC style pump. The pump in the 2.7L kit puts out 4 GPM of flow at 1,450 PSI of pressure. The pump in the 3.4L kit puts out 4.5 GPM of flow at 1,650 PSI of pressure. The higher output offered by these pumps will improve your steering capabilities and allow you to take on the extreme off road trails that solid axle Tacomas are known for frequenting.

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