UM3 Universal Modular MultiMount (Billet) Fire Extinguisher Quick-Release Mount

UM3 Universal Modular MultiMount (Billet) Fire Extinguisher Quick-Release Mount

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From experience, critical equipment is often stored in an out-of-the-way location in case of an emergency. This is especially true aboard recreational vehicles and ships where rescues and fire-fighting require rapid response. Because of severe shaking of off-road vehicles and the pitching and rolling of the ship-board environment, items require secure mounting while still providing the ability to rapidly demount the item. Those concerns were the criteria to design UM3®’s QUICK-RELEASE mounts, allowing a variety of equipment to be attached to FLAT or TUBE surfaces. Materials are CORROSION RESISTANT and are manufactured according to MILSPEC (MILITARY specifications.) UM3's patent approved DROP and SLIDE feature allows for any length device to be mounted. Attach base mount to tubes, bulkheads, walls or floors.

Interchangeable load mounts will pin or lock to secure Fire Extinguishers, Gas Cylinders, Search Lights and multiple other items, for quick release and re-securing of Equipment.​

The UM3® Systems Modular Multi Mount was salt spray tested for 30 days. Both the Billet and Composite products showed no corrosive results. This makes the units perfect for use on ocean going vessels and all weather environments.

UM3 billet aluminum mount is UM3's most advanced, designed for all weather, high load and stress conditions for off-road or marine environments. It has no length limits for cylinder mounting with UM3's Patent Pending 'drop and slide' design. All mounts can be easily attached anywhere with either clamps or bolts. They are being used for air tanks, search lights, shovels, drive shafts, fuel cans and more.

Note: Not for use in racing competition or overhead mounting.

UM3® systems, llc offers a 2 year full replacement warranty for mounts found to be defective in material or workmanship. Units not installed properly or modified will not be covered. Failure to properly maintain mounts will void warranty.

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