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Ian - The Shock Doc


Ian's off-road obsession started 21 years ago, riding friends quads and dirt bikes in ocotillo wells. He did his first 3 link and rebuilt his first set of shocks well over a decade ago and hasn't stopped since.

He tested out of high school at 17 and immediately enrolled in EMT school. After building a baja bug, several trucks, and getting into suspension, Ian joined the army and served as a combat medic with a light infantry company. The military was to be a stepping stone to a better position in the fire department, but after receiving an injury overseas Ian realized he could never join the Fire Department and switched course to Pre-Med.

During his tour in Iraq Ian broke his back in 3 places. Things became clear that without a good riding vehicle, his way of life would be gone.

Suspension design and shock tuning is very personal to Ian.

Although he spent 8 years in emergency trauma medicine, fought Pro-Am Muay Thai, and was Pre-Med before opening the shop, off-roading is his true life's passion.

With an engineering/math background in college in addition to his extensive medical training, his life has been full of twists and turns, but his true lifes work is adventuring and exploring this beautiful country.





Brittany dove into off-roading and building trucks about 7 years ago when we built our Tacoma on 40s and one-tons. She learned to weld, fabricate, build and fix everything that inevitably broke on and off the trail. Now she's building her 1986 Suzuki Samurai to rock crawl and camp out of during our week-long Rubicon trips. She's installed Prius power steering, regeared the transfer case, welded up sliders and bumpers, and she's currently planning the next phase which includes Toyota axles and 38.5" Mickey Thompson tires. Follow along on social and YouTube for more on that build.

Brittany got her degree in Linguistics at UCLA and, after spending some time in South Africa, she had to dive into the corporate LA world to earn a living following the 2008 recession. Being able to explore the outdoors and work with her hands in the shop has been such a welcome change from the city and corporate life.

Another very important part of being in this industry for Brittany is helping to elevate and highlight women. It's been so great to see so many more women off-roading, racing, and building cool things. Brittany led a Women's off-road class and trail run for Bilstein. Not only was it great to meet all of the incredible women who work for Bilstein, but it was so inspiring to teach them about wheeling and to learn about their diverse skillset in the automotive industry.

Community Service


We have donated over $20,000 to non-profits over the past few years including CORVA, Children of Fallen Patriots, and the Food Bank. A portion of all proceeds currently go towards helping to end veteran suicide.

We stand up and avidly fight for your right to off-road and keep our public lands open for all. It's not just something we say, it's what we do.

Sharing Knowledge


We are all about educating our customers and friends in this industry. The more knowledge we all share and pass along, the more our industry can grow and flourish.

We've hosted dozens of free shock classes around the US and Canada. You can visit our YouTube channel to find even more videos on how to rebuild and revalve shocks as well as lots of other topics.

We've also taught a women's off-roading class and trail run for Bilstein and plan to host more events like this one in the future. If you are interested in attending a class here or hosting one of our classes at another location, reach out to us at wheeleveryweekend@gmail.com.

You can read our TECH ARTICLES to learn more about our products and a number of other informational topics.

Or you can check out our YouTube videos to learn more:

We are a Specialist Shop


Our shop's expertise is linked suspension performance/drivability and shocks. Anyone can slap some links on and give the truck enough caster and toe to make it "drive straight" on the freeway, jump it in a video, or take shots of it flexed out. For us, it's important to see how the suspension performs while cornering: is your steering input consistent or is caster change and oversteer making it a handful? Can you swerve out of your lane at 80 mph when someone cuts you off without shooting across a few lanes or almost rolling? What happens to your antisquat and roll center as the suspension cycles from droop to bump both front and rear in 2wd and in 4x4? Is your suspension setup with the plotted COG height as a guess or has it been scaled to find the exact height of your center of gravity? We aren't as fast or as cheap as some shops, and that's how we like it. We prefer to offer a premium service and provide a quality end product which takes expertise, careful calculation, time and effort.

Suspension Parts Dealer, Service, and Installer


We carry tons of great products from Fox, King, Bilstein, Falcon, and Icon.

We are currently outfitting our shock tuning trailer and are expecting to have tune days starting in 2024.

If you can't find it here, you can check out these other shops for great products and deals.

We've written some informational articles on shocks and other products to help you make the right decision when you're shopping.

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