8112 Zone Control DSA+ Tacoma 2005-2023 front (pair)
8112 Zone Control DSA+ Tacoma 2005-2023 front (pair)
8112 Zone Control DSA+ Tacoma 2005-2023 front (pair)
8112 Zone Control DSA+ Tacoma 2005-2023 front (pair)

8112 Zone Control DSA+ Tacoma 2005-2023 front (pair)

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This is for the new DSA+ 8112 which are Evo Grey and are upgraded with triple adjusters.

Bilstein's 8112 Zone Control (DSA+) Coilovers are an upgrade to internal bypass style shocks, there is simply no competition in this category for OEM fit performance.

They have 5 total damping zones that eliminates the need for hydraulic bump stops or limit straps. 8112s use a triple piston design with the most mechanically advanced internals on the market. These shocks have an unrivaled full size 60mm working piston and 3 compression zones and 2 rebound zones, something no other shock accomplishes:

Check out this comparison article on the different kinds of IBP Shocks: IBP Coilovers Compared

This combo gives you the best of both worlds. When compared to a custom tuned coilover/bypass/airbump setup it's all the performance of a 7500 dollar front end at a fraction of the cost and install time.

The main seal assembly is based on a military part manufactured for 5 ton tactical trucks, and the JCO is built in the same factory as supercar shocks. As long as the shocks are not physically damaged they should average around 100k miles before needing serviced. Since these shocks came out in 2015 I have yet to rebuild one that was leaking, but if that does ever happen you are eligible for 20% off all shock services for products purchased through us. Every single 8112 is dyno tested before shipping to ensure every single zone works perfectly at every speed.

This kit will lift the front of your tacoma 0.4-2.2". Heavier weight springs are available and always come with free installation.

This listing is for a pair of Coilovers. We also carry matching rear external bypasses designed tuned for your rig by professional engineers. The 8112 Zone Control technology is the current shock to beat for OEM replacement. We have personally installed a couple dozen of them and the feedback has been extremely positive. There isn't another product on the market that gives you internal bypass performance with a full sized piston for maximum dampening, while also incorporating an air bump, all in 1 shock that fits perfectly in the stock location.

Check out the videos below for some examples of before and after installing 8100s.

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