ARB Bow Shackle - Wheel Every Weekend
ARB Bow Shackle - Wheel Every Weekend
ARB Bow Shackle - Wheel Every Weekend

ARB Bow Shackle

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The ARB range of recovery bow shackles have undergone a redesign, maintaining the excellent strength and reliability of the previous shackle, but adding identification and batch numbers to help with safety and clarity.

The new ARB bow shackles are a type "S" shackle, which are ideal for recovery applications. The new ARB bow shackle comes in 4 different sizes from 1t to 8.5t.

A new premium ARB 4.75t type "S" shackle incorporates a fully powder coated bow and a blackened pin, making it perfectly matched for our ARB recovery points or setting your recovery kit apart from the rest.


  • Galvanized finish to prevent rust, corrosion and handle the elements.
  • Red powder coated pin for easy identification
  • Threads are machined to accommodate powder coated pin (unlike other brands)
  • Type "S" Shackle rated and tested to at least 6 x Working Load Limit (WLL)
  • Clear and pronounced markings on bow

Technical Specifications:

  • WLL Rating: Rated and tested to 6x the working load limit. Example: WLL of 4.75 exceeds 28t during destructive test.
  • Batch number identification. Example: B1612 = December 2016; 16 = year, 12 = month.
  • Unit of Measure is Metric Ton; 1Metric Ton = 2,204 pounds.

Note: Best practice is to always inspect shackle before use, check for excessive wear/distortion of the body and check for wear on shackle pin. ARB Shackles are not designed for lifting and are designed for recovery only. These or any other ARB shackle should not be sold for lifting purpose

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