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ARB DC Voltage-Drop Test Tool

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ARB is pleased to make available this handy little test tool to complement your tool chest. The voltage drop tester has been developed to test DC wiring circuits used to power ARB Fridge Freezers. The unit applies a fixed load to the circuit that is equivalent to that of the largest ARB fridge freezer.

The voltage drop tester is non invasive on the wiring circuit and is compatible with both merit and traditional cigarette lighter sockets. Voltage readings are displayed on the digital multi-meter that is included with the kit.

As most modern fridges include a Battery Protection System, having sufficient voltage supply at the fridge socket is paramount in keeping your fridge operating for the longest time. Sufficient voltage is determined by:

  • The voltage drop in the wiring system between the battery and the socket
  • The condition of the battery
  • The condition of the connections/joints
  • The battery protection setting on the fridge

This test device will be a very useful tool for helping customers understand how the wiring in their vehicle may not be sufficient to achieve optimum performance of their fridge freezer and battery management system. Remember, voltage drop is only detectable when a load is applied to the circuit. Without the correct equipment, voltage drop can be very hard to measure and even harder to explain to a customer.

How to use:
Insert the plug of the test device into the accessories socket of the vehicle. The displayed reading on the multimeter will provide voltage readings at the socket without the fridge operating and to simulate the fridge freezer operating press the red button on the black box.

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