Bilstein Coilover 8125

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Bilstein 8125 series coilovers are for the serious off-road enthusiast. It has a threaded body with dual rate coilover hardware which works great for dialing in precise spring rates and ride height. The massive reservoir provides an incredible resistance to heat which adds to the fade-free performance that Bilsteins mono-tube technology is known for. The piston rod is 22mm and case hardened while a 3-stage high temperature seal system keeps It leak free for years to come. These excellent shock absorbers are manufactured at the Bilstein factory in the US.

These are the coilovers we use on our personal rigs. The valving profile and build quality has been superb and leads us to out perform long travel builds on the regular. The peace of mind having such a well engineered piece of equipment is bar none. Give us an e-mail/DM if you have any questions about your specific project!