King 2.5" Smooth Body Shocks - Wheel Every Weekend
King 2.5" Smooth Body Shocks - Wheel Every Weekend
King 2.5" Smooth Body Shocks - Wheel Every Weekend

King 2.5" Smooth Body Shocks

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King’s Performance Race series shocks are brimming with technological breakthroughs conceived during strenuous testing in the harshest environments. Utilizing only the highest quality materials and strict precision tolerances they deliver unparalleled performance. Our understanding of fluid dynamics and piston design has created unmatched levels of ride quality and superior control.

Designed for use with existing coils, torsion bars or leaf springs, King smooth body shocks are built from the same materials and to the same tolerances as our top of the line race shocks. Their smooth good looks are matched by their smooth performance. These versatile shocks can be built in several configurations to fit your needs and are fully serviceable and adjustable with simple tools. Available with a remote reservoir, piggyback reservoir or pure emulsion we can build shocks to fit whatever and wherever you drive. A set of King, smooth body shocks, are all you need to make your suspension perform to its full potential.

These have a 1.5" mounting width using a 1/2" bolt.

They are sold individually.

King uses a mid-range compression adjuster which has a single knob that adjusts your mid-range compression. This adjuster will impact valving from low speed to high speed differently throughout the amount of clicks you are using, with the first couple clicks mainly adjusting low speed then transitioning to more effect on high speed. All of these adjusters and Anti Cavitation Valves have some other positive effects including; increased dampening force, more oil is forced through the main piston, heat is inputted to the shock fluid where it's easier to cool, reduction in cavitation. Additionally, the adjuster will only work on fluid that is being displaced by the piston rod of the shock which gives you a second level of tuning. Deciding whether adding a compression adjuster is worth it is dependent on your rig and what you're trying to do with it. I find it's roughly a 50/50 split between folks who rave about having adjusters vs folks who mess with the settings once then never touch them again. Even if you're in that second category you are still benefitting from having a valve stack on the reservoir, assuming everything is set up properly. Whether or not it's worth the cost is completely up to you, at the end of the day suspension is completely subjective.

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