Shock Rebuilds and Revalves - Wheel Every Weekend
Shock Rebuilds and Revalves - Wheel Every Weekend
Shock Rebuilds and Revalves - Wheel Every Weekend
Shock Rebuilds and Revalves - Wheel Every Weekend
Shock Rebuilds and Revalves - Wheel Every Weekend

Shock Rebuilds and Revalves

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Quality Shock Rebuild and Revalves Services

Shipping to and from our shop is cheap with our discounted shipping account, on average its under 100.00 within california, and between 150-200 to ship even from the east coast.

During a rebuild we replace every single seal and disassemble the shock to its bare components so we can perform a thorough multi-point inspection. We bleed each damper with a vacuum system to remove all the air possible, including air trapped inside the external adjusters on factory assembled shocks and air that is suspended or entrained in the oil. We carry oil, bearings, and seal kits for all major brands. Some hard parts like seal head assemblies, new tubes, shafts, etc. will have to be ordered if necessary because of the wide variety of options. These are not common replacement items and typically show up within the week.

We support Bilstein, King, Fox, ICON, ADS, and Falcon.

Rebuilds start at $150 per shock for all major brands. 

We offer shock rebuilds and revalves with 48-hour turnarounds, and same-day rush rebuilds. We are located on the eastern edge of San Diego County in Julian, California. While we can rebuild shocks same day, we prefer to keep them overnight so they can be pressure tested at 300 psi for a 24 hour leakdown test.

Rebuild Pricing:

  • 2.5 Smooth Body: $150
  • 2.5 Coilover: $185 ($150 if springs are removed beforehand)
  • 2.5 Bypass: $205
  • Internal Bypass Coilover: $205
  • 3.0+ shocks add 50.00 to price
  • 4.0+ shocks add 80.00 to price


  • Uniball/snap ring replacements - $22
  • New shafts from $30-$125 for most 5/8-7/8 shafts
  • Bypass quick adjust knobs $100 per tube
  • Color changes, Cerakote/Anodizing/High temp paint - contact for quote, typically around $100 per damper
  • Shipping costs to and from location using our discounted shipping account - TBD

We no longer service OEM live valve/IBP products. We do service OEM UTV IBP shocks.

There is an additional fee of $50 for any IFP (no reservoir) shock brought in for a rebuild.

Tuning services available with our shock trailer across Southern California and beyond. Shocks that need rebuilt cannot be tuned, all shocks must be functioning correctly to have an accurate baseline for any tuning.

Navigating uneven terrain can take a toll on your vehicle shocks over time, leading to a need for rebuilding or revalving. That's where our shock rebuild services come in. We provide top-notch services for your shock rebuilding and revalving needs to give your shocks a renewed life. Shocks are the most overlooked safety item on a vehicle, with proper maintenance and tuning your ride is much safer, and more comfortable.

Our shock rebuild and revalves services aim to make every ride smoother and safer, thereby enhancing your overall driving experience. We have an extensive understanding of various shock types and their unique requirements, enabling us to cater an individualized approach to rebuild and revalve.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
terrance wynn
Shock rebuild

They actually feel the best they have felt the entire time I have had them. Almost 9 years.

Gavin Kilcoyne
No comparison

There’s just no comparison to the service and detail provided by WEW. Ian’s knowledge of suspension makes me confident in the service he provides, and you can’t beat em

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