Trail-Gear High Pinion Housing
Trail-Gear High Pinion Housing

Trail-Gear High Pinion Housing

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High Pinion differentials are the strongest eight inch differentials that Toyota ever made, the only problem was that they are also the most expensive and the hardest to find. Trail-Gear has corrected that problem by producing its own High Pinion differential housing at an affordable cost with hundreds in stock and ready to ship.

High Pinion differential housings are usually the best solution for fixing drive line angle issues, as the pinion is several inches higher than a standard 4cyl or V6 differential housing, and is also much stronger because it uses a reverse cut ring gear that runs on the stronger side of the gear.

Trail-Gear's high pinion housings are 100% new and no core is required.

Included Hardware:

  • Caps
  • Cap Bolts
  • Adjuster Wheels
  • Lock Tabs and Lock Tab Bolts
  • Oil Slinger

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