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Uniball Replacement Kits

Uniball Replacement Kits

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Uniballs have long been an industry standard in high performance mid and long travel components; but like everything else, these spherical bearings wear with time and use and will need periodic replacement. This kit features 2 top quality, teflon lined FK WSSX16T uniballs, and 2 matching heavy duty spirolock style snap rings. The WSSX16 is used on many upper control arms from Total Chaos, Dirt King and more*

If you have limited tools and space to work, the Total Chaos Uniball replacement tool makes it much easier for the hobbyist to replace worn uniballs on vehicle. No more fumbling with pieces of scrap tubing or trying to find the right combination of sockets and ball joint cups to press these out; Total Chaos has matched 2 correctly sized pieces of tubing to work with a simple, large C-clamp making swapping these out a snap, on-car or off.

For those looking for a bit more, the All German Motorsports Uniball Tool is the premium choice for shop professionals, those doing race prep, or anyone who plans to keep a vehicle serviced for a long time. This high quality billet tool features chamfers to protect the welds of your uniball cup, and the ball race of the joint itself, centers on the inner diameter of the ball, and can be used

*ALWAYS confirm with the arm’s manufacturer the correct replacement part number. These DO NOT fit ICON upper arms.