What is the proprietary security nut?

We have licensed our own security nut system that is keyed specifically to us. No other company on the planet has this same security nut key and it only fits in 1 specific orientation. This is exponentially safer than standard security hardware which can be purchased anywhere. We take it one step further and machine the key so that it can fit under roof rack systems and incorporate a thru-hole so you can use our proprietary locking system with your RTT's stock bolts in the event that your tent rail doesnt use standard 13mm head hex bolts (provided it still uses 8x1.25mm bolts).

My tent uses a different rail attachment system or different size bolt, how do I use the mounts with it?

99% of tents use an aluminum slider designed for a 13mm hex head on a 8x1.25mm bolt as seen here: Standard tent mount. Some of the recent tents out of Korea use a metal plate that has square holes for a carriage bolt. For this style you need to cut the plate in half so each side can move independently (if the holes don't line up) and re-use the stock carriage bolts and it will bolt right up.

Another design that has a giant square head on top of the bolt, if these bolts thread onto the security nuts you can simply re-use them and discard the included hardware. Our mounts are not compatible with any tent rail design that uses 10mm bolts instead of the standard 8mm, or tents with rails that are not parallel to each other. If your tent uses a different attachment style than the standard aluminum slider for 13mm hex head bolts in the photos, your rail may need modified to work, we are not familiar with all attachment styles on the market so ensure compatibility before ordering.

When will _____ mount be back in stock?

While we try our hardest to maintain accurate stock levels, these unprecedented times have stressed our logistics to their breaking point. That being said, because our mounts are all made locally and out of USA sourced materials, we are faring better than most! Typically mounts will not be out of stock for longer than 3 weeks time at most, and most in stock ship within 48 hours, so check back soon or email us at wheeleveryweekend@gmail.com to get added to our notification list!

I have _____ bars, which mount will fit?

Refer to the sizing guide below! If that doesn't fully answer your questions you can e-mail us directly at wheeleveryweekend@gmail.com and we will help you out. Please include measurements of your current bars (width and height or diameter) and a photo if possible, calipers are best for measurements, you can pick one up for 2 bucks here: Harbor Freight Calipers

Can I order 6 total mounts or extra hardware?

We can accommodate any custom order amounts. That being said, 8 class 10.9 bolts are rated for approximately 1,000X the weight of your tent. The main reason to run 6 mounts is if your load bars are not connected to each other. With todays modern plastic/thin sheet metal beds, having load bars that are not physically connected to each other can be a detriment to the life of your tent. As the frame of the vehicle flexes and in turn your bed flexes, that vibration and movement will be transferred into your tent if the load bars are not connected to each other. In that situation having 6 mounts makes sense to help reduce a bit of the movement. You can order the normal 4 pack and put in the order notes that you want to be billed for an additional 2 mounts and we will send you a PayPal invoice for the difference, or shoot us an email to be invoiced for the total of 6.

How do I return or exchange my mounts?

Returns and exchanges are super easy. We send you a return label, you slap it on the small flat rate box the mounts come in, wrap up the un-used mounts and place them in the box with the hardware and security nuts/socket and send it back. It's that simple! If you need a different size we will happily switch them out for you. A 10% restocking fee will apply to returns so please make sure you check the fitment guide before ordering, this fee just barely covers our credit card processing fee and return shipping charge.

How many mounts are included in the kit?

4 total mounts come in the kit, for a detailed list check the "included" section of the product page.

Will you make mounts for _____ crossbar?

We are expanding our line-up all the time! If you have a load bar you think we should make a mount for let us know, but keep in mind it has to be popular enough to be worth the initial investment in design time and tooling. We do not make custom one-off mounts because they would probably cost you more than your tent is worth as you would be taking the whole cost of R&D and prototyping the mount on just 1 person, instead of spreading it out over hundreds of orders. It is much cheaper to swap to a rail system that is supported than to have a one-off mount designed for your system.

How often should I check my hardware and should I locktite them?

It seems counter intuitive but locktite will actually make your tent loosen up. What happens is; in the first 500 miles (or first offroad trip) after initially installing your mounts and torqueing them to your rooftop tent manufacturers recommendation, the soft aluminum of your tent's rails will "settle" into place. Because of this you will go to check the mounts and they will be slightly loose, this is completely normal and expected... the security nuts themselves have not spun loose, but the space between your tent and the load bars has gotten physically smaller. Because of this, if you apply locktite to the nuts they will give you a false sense of tightness when you check them and eventually your tent could settle to the point that it can rattle/vibrate around. You should check your tent hardware as often as you inspect and check the rest of your vehicle (at least every oil change) because of this settling effect. Our personal set of mounts have been on our truck for over 5 years through about a dozen trips on the Rubicon trail, wheeling during King of the Hammers, hitting whoops at 70+ mph for shock tuning and jumping our truck, with no loose fasteners after the initial torque checks were done correctly. You can use low strength Vibra-Tite, which does not have much holding strength but will stop nuts from shaking loose should you forget to check them after they've settled, or did not tighten them adequately on initial installation.

Do you offer installs/local pickup?

We no longer offer installs or local pickup since we have been fortunate enough to buy 10 acres and move our shop onto our own property. This means our insurance will not cover customers at our residential address. All mounts usually ship out 3x a week in flat rate boxes which ship very quickly. Our goal is to always get them out in time to be installed before the next weekend's adventures, however we are not Amazon and both of us work at least 60 hours a week just to keep up.

My tent got stolen.

With the state of the world, tent theft is getting extremely common. While nothing in this world is truly "theft-proof", you're doing yourself a favor by making yourself a hardened target so they move onto an easy mark. We have seen at least 50 tents stolen this past year alone. Any tourist area or seemingly safe parts of towns are easy targets for guys with bolt cutters and a pickup truck, as seen in our videos. If you have had your tent stolen please e-mail us a copy of the police report with your personal information blacked out and we will set you up with a hefty discount code for a set of mounts. We also encourage everyone to get renters insurance which can sometimes cover tent theft, albeit with a deductible.

Round Tube Mounts

These are all measured by the outer diameter (OD) of your mounting bar, or in simpler terms, the cross-section of the tube. We make the following sizes:

1.125", 1.25", 1.5", 1.75", 2"

The easiest way to measure these is with a set of calipers like these ones that can be had for 1.99 here: Harbor Freight Calipers

Another great way measure it is take a piece of string and wrap it around your bar, marking where the string meets itself. After pulling this off the bar, you can measure the length of the string with a ruler and this will give you an approximate circumference which you can use to infer the diameter. Typically your string will stretch as you pull it tight so your measurements will be slightly longer, by rounding down you can find what you need. You can see in the photo that my string measured right at 5 inches, so by referencing the table below (and rounding down to account for string stretching) I can see I have 1.5" OD tube cross bars.

Circumference = 3.14 x Diameter

Circumference Outer Diameter






Square Bar Sizes

These mounts are simpler than the round tube mounts, they are all listed for exactly the size load bar they are designed for. Sizes are listed in Width X Height. For example, the 2"x1" mount is for a crossbar that is 2 inches wide, and 1 inch tall. We have a number of mounts designed for the most popular square crossbars.

Thule Square: This mount is for a bar approximately 1.25" wide and 0.92" tall. This mount will also work great for racks made out of 1"x1" square tube, although there will be an 1/8" gap on either side which will not affect the mounts function.

1.5"x1.5": This is for a common standard size of 80/20 aluminum extrusion (pictured on the right). It will work great for all applications that use a 1.5" wide and 1.5" tall cross bar.

2"x1" (Prinsu): This is for the very common standard size of 80/20 aluminum extrusion (pictured on the right). It will work great for all applications that use a 2" wide and 1" tall cross bar.

2"x2" (ACS): This is the same as the 2"x1" except that it has additional height to protect the bolt shank when used on any 2"x2" square mount. This mount is also designed to fit the standard ACS Leitner rack load bars.

3"x1.5": This is another form of 80/20 extrusion that has gained popularity recently. This will work with any load bar that has a 3" width and 1.5" height

3.2"x1.5" (RCI): This will work with any load bar that has a 3.2" width and 1.5" height. This mount is also designed to fit certain generations of the RCI bed rack. This size also fits BillieBars. There are multiple generations and different tolerances so you should always double check your bar measurements before ordering.

Rhino Rack HD Bar: This bar is also square shape but with very specific measurements. The mounts measure 1.62" wide and 1.62" tall. You can find a link to the bars here to reference: Rhino Rack HD

Everything else...

Each of these are designed to fit a specific brand's crossbar. There is some cross-compatibility from brand to brand.

Rivian: This is our newest size. This mount fits the stock Rivian crossbars. These are specific to the Rivian crossbars and won't fit other bars due to the curvature of the Rivian bars.  

Front Runner: While these are technically rectangular bars they are very specific. These are for load bars that measure 3.55" wide and 0.92" tall. These are most commonly found on Front Runner roof racks however I have seen them on other brand bed racks as well. Here's a link to this bar: FR Load Bars

RSI Load Bars: These are also rectangular bars that are very specific. These are for load bars that measure 3.2" wide and 0.75" tall. These are specifically designed for the RSI Load Bars, however, these can work on other brand bed racks as well that fit those dimensions. Here's a link to this bar: RSI Load Bars

Yakima HD Bar: This is found as a crossbars for many bed racks. It is 2.87" wide and 1.5" tall. This bar has rounded/sloped edges so this is not compatible with any rectangular bar that shares similar measurements. Here's a link to this bar: Yakima HD Bar

Yakima CoreBar: This is another popular crossbar for many Yakima bed racks. It is 2.87" wide and 1" at its tallest point. This bar has assymetrical rounded/sloped edges so this is not compatible with any rectangular bar that shares similar measurements. Here's a link to this bar: Yakima CoreBar

Yakima Jetstream: Yakima recently redesigned their Jetstream racks which are very similar to the Thule Aeroblade racks, but slightly smaller. This bar has assymetrical rounded/sloped edges. Here's a link to this bar: Yakima Jetstream

Thule Xsporter: This mount specifically fits the Thule Xsporter bed racks. It is 3.6" wide and 1.55" at its tallest point. This bar has an assymetrical slanted edge so this is not compatible with any rectangular bar that shares similar measurements. Here's a link to this bar: Thule Xsporter

Thule Wingbar/AeroBlade: This is the most common bar style in this category, it also fits Malone Airflow2 load bars however it will have a slight gap at the bottom that doesn't affect its function. These bars are asymmetrical and measure 3.15" wide and 1.24" tall at its highest point. This is a link to the bar it is primarily designed for: Thule Wingbar. This will also fit the Thule AeroBlade but there may be a slight gap at the bottom.

Note: The terms Evo or Edge in the title of the mounts is just the attachment style, it does not change the shape.

Rhino Rack Vortex: This bar is very similar to the one directly above it but has a more symmetrical shape. It is 3.2" wide and about 1.2" tall at its tallest point. You can find a link to it here to reference: Vortex Bar

Venture Tec Rack: This bar is 3" wide and about 2.5" tall at its tallest point and it has a trapezoidal shape on the bottom. Here is a link to this bar for reference: Venture Tec Rack


Orders ship via USPS or UPS. In the event of delays you wil be contacted with updated ETA's.


We accept all major forms of payment


You can email us any time at wheeleveryweekend@gmail.com

Please give us 24-48 hours to respond as we do get flooded with e-mails during high volume times, thank you!