7100 Valving

7100 Valving

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Valving is listed by newtons of force at 0.52 m/s.

170/60 valving means that it will take 1,700 newtons of force to move the shock 0.52 meters per second on the rebound stroke, and 600 on the compression stroke.

Valving is offered in several different stacks to suit your needs, each valve stack comes with a mock piston that denotes which side of the valving will go on which side of the piston. Here is a rebuild/revalve guide that includes specs for proper oil fill, keep in mind that it is several years old and the valving specs has since been updated. At the bottom of the page you will find specs for up to date valving.

7100 Series Rebuild Kits

7100 Series Guide

Additionally, check out my video below for a detailed overview of how to rebuild or revalve these shocks at home.

Valve Specs:








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