Toyota Tundra Dash Mount 2007-2013 ICS FAB
Toyota Tundra Dash Mount 2007-2013 ICS FAB
Toyota Tundra Dash Mount 2007-2013 ICS FAB
Toyota Tundra Dash Mount 2007-2013 ICS FAB

Toyota Tundra Dash Mount 2007-2013

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Designed to accommodate AMPS standard attachments allowing you to mount Phones, Tablets, Dash Cams, CB's, Radios and more!

 Each kit includes the following

    • CNC Laser Cut  Dash Mount with Fine Black Textured Powder Coat Finish
    • Five M6 Stainless Steel Hex Socket Cap Screws
    • Three Stainless Steel Fender Washers
    • Two Steel Rectangular Washers
    • Five M6 Stainless Steel Nylon Lock Nuts
    • Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects and workmanship
    • California residents WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

*Optional Dual QC 3.0 Amp USB charger available*

Please note before purchasing

Installation requires the removal of the 12v socket trim, A/C Controls and the Radio.

No Drilling required. Models with center speaker will have to be removed or relocated underneath the dashboard if your mounts (I.e. RAM) hardware come contact. (We recommend using 1/2” long screws) From the Factory, the center speaker is bolted from the top side.

The buyer hereby assumes all risks associated with any such modification. ICS Fab will not accept responsibility for personal injury or property damage arising from the failure or incorrect installation of any parts manufactured or sold by ICS Fab.

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We recommend having the mounts (i.e. RAM mounts) you'll be using ready and installed on our Dash mount before installation.

Tools required

  1. 5mm Allen
  2. 10mm Socket
  3. Long extension
  4. Ratchet
  5. Trim removal tools 


  1. Using trim tools, remove the center dashboard speaker cover
  2. At this point Install your mounts (i.e. RAM) on our dash mount in the desired location.
  3. Using the Five provided screws, insert them into the dash mount holes and rest the mount on the dash, making sure none of the hardware for the ball mounts interfere with the dashboard. If ok, proceed.
  4. From the bottom section of the dash pull out your lower 12v tray. You dont have to disconnect it just lay it down.
  5. Using the bone tool, partially remove the trim around you A/C Fan speed knob then remove the A/C Controls. Again, you can just lay them down.
  6. Now that you've gained access to the Radio, remove the four 10mm bolts holding it in place and remove the radio. You can disconnect the antenna cable and also lay it down. 
  7. Insert the five provided screws through the dash mount and dash.
  8. Using the three fender washers provided, install them on the three front screws followed by a locking nut.
  9. Now, using the two rectangular washer provided, install them on the two rear srews also followed by a locking nut.
  10. Tighten all screws hand tight and follow by 1/4 turn. *Do not Over tighten*
  11. Reassemble your radio and install your trims

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