karnage portable trail welder in case
Karnage Welder with Kold Tip Circuit
Karnage Welder with Kold Tip Circuit

Karnage Welder with Kold Tip Circuit

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The Karnage Welder is a self-contained, battery powered portable flux core wire feed welder. You can weld with .030 and .035 wire. You will typically get 15 to 20 min of trigger time and a 60 inch bead depending on wire speed. 


  • Internal battery for quick and easy set up, no removing batteries to weld!
  • Standard mig style torch, get into those tight spaces with ease.
  • Fully portable.  Open the lid, flip the switch and start welding. No pulling batteries.
  • Kold Tip circuit means no unintentional arcing and easy staging for the perfect repair.
  • Circuit breakers to prevent internal damage.
  • Comes charged and ready to weld with a 2 Lb. spool of .030 flux core wire.

Bonus: Includes an additional 2lb spool of .030 flux core wire! 


  • NOCO Genius5 5A 120V smart charger (Recommended); Helps extend the life of your internal batteries by properly charging and maintaining your welder's batteries after each use.
  • Karnage Kables; If your internal batteries go dead and you still have more welding to do you can connect two external batteries.  Handy if you really messed up!

Quick start guide:

  1. Open the case
  2. Pull out the torch and ground
  3. Connect ground to work surface
  4. Flip switch to UP position (LED Volt meter will light up)
  5. Loosen the spool break (we tighten it down so the spool does not unwind when in transport)
  6. Set wire speed
  7. WELD!

Downloadable Owner's Manual

Basic Operating Instructions Video

Basic Charging Instructions Video

Internal battery specs Mighty Max ML22-12

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