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Toyota Body Mount Chop - Fits 05+ Tacoma, 03+ SUV

Toyota Body Mount Chop - Fits 05+ Tacoma, 03+ SUV

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It’s a well known fact, Toyota did not leave much room to fit bigger tires on the 120 and 150 series platforms that the Tacoma, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser and Lexus GX all share. Depending on lift height, wheel offset, width and tire size, many combinations in the 32-33” range will start to experience rubbing as the suspension cycles and the wheels are turned. For some, hearing a constant MUNCH sound even driving in and out of parking lots is embarrassing, so many trim the body mount back to allow for greater clearance.

Our body mount chop plate is a simple patch panel made from 1/8" steel and designed to provide reinforcement after the body mount has been trimmed for better clearance, while retaining the integrity of the OEM design. We have added a bend to help maximize clearance where it is needed most, at the tip of the body mount.* This is a DIY piece, it can only be installed by a fabricator. You will need to be able to measure, cut, trim methodically, and weld to install this piece correctly.

Note: Sold as a PAIR.

Note: * For most aggressive users, we also recommend that you pie-cut and fold over the pinch weld which faces the tire tread (and can easily cause tread damage on suspension bottom out). 

Installation Instructions