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PSC 2.5" Single End Steering Cylinder Kits

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The kit is complete everything you need, even all the hoses. Below is a list of all the items in this kit. Other parts can be substituted for items in this kit but note there can be some price differences.

Kit w/ TC Pump and Kit w/ P-Pump Include:

  • Single End 8" Stroke Steering Cylinder
  • Steering Control Valve
  • Steering Column
  • Steering Valve Mount
  • Hose Kit
  • Choice of Power Steering Pump Kit:
    • PS Pump Kit
    • High-Perf Pump Kit
  • 8" Reservoir

Kit, 5 Ton Rockwell Axle Includes:

  • 3.0" X 11" 5 Ton Rockwell Double Ended Cylinder Kit
  • Eaton Orbital Control Valve
  • 3/4 Round Weld On Stub Steering Column
  • Steering Valve Mount Notched for 1.75" Tubing
  • Large Clevis End Kit
  • Heavy Duty Tie Rod Kit
  • Rockwell Tie Rod End Adapter Bushing to 3/4
  • #8 Premium Field Serviceable Hose Kit

Note: Must use a power steering fluid cooler with this high performance pump to keep from damaging pump.