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Trail-Gear Power Flow IFS Steering Box

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Trail-Gear’s new Power Flow IFS Steering Box has been designed and engineered to provide ultimate performance making it the perfect choice for those with solid axle vehicles who want to install high-steer. This is not a 30-year-old rebuilt steering box, but a completely new unit. While designed to be a direct replacement for the 86-88 box, this steering box will also work in the 89-95 application by adjusting the steering input shaft. We specifically chose to base our design on the 86-88 model for its ease of service. Each box comes pre-drilled and tapped making it ideal for high-steer applications with or without ram assist. If you are not using ram assist, just leave in the pre-installed plugs. When transitioning to ram assist, the removable plugs not only eliminate the need to remove the box from the truck to drill and tap but also eliminate any chance of contaminating the system with metal shavings.

Note: If using in ram assist applications you will need to purchase (2) 1/4” pipe to #6 JIC fittings to connect the ram assist hoses.

  • 100% new box (not a rebuilt unit)
  • Pre-drilled and tapped with removable plugs installed allowing for applications with or without ram assist.
  • Direct replacement for 86-88 Toyota Pickup/4Runner steering box.